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Taupo. Just perfect.

Taupo - The perfect little town. We have touched on Taupo before but we would really like to bring it to your attention just how wonderful and interesting our little town is. Taupo isn't large with a population of approx 26,000 but this swells dramatically in summer. Why? Taupo is the holiday town for the North island and a lot of people have holiday homes here plus we have hotels of every type so depending on your needs Taupo can accommodate you. Now - shopping in Taupo! (Shopping is such fun) and you can't go past Jumpers Taupo. We are right on Tongariro street which is currently undergoing a transformation and will look amazing when done. But, aside from us,...

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World famous - in New Zealand

Have you been to the best little country on earth? New Zealand is world famous - in New Zealand. We all love our little country and we have a slightly interesting sense of humour, cute flora and fauna and even a home grown lemon soda drink called Lemon and Paeroa - their slogan is "World Famous in NZ. Since ages ago". You simply have to try Lemon and Paeroa it is divine! With Covid you may be restricted in coming down here but once this is all over and we have reached a 'new normal' you need to add us on to your 'must do' list. Where are we? Who are we? What do we do here? Do we like...

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