New Zealand made and New Zealand loved.

New Zealand made and New Zealand loved.

Here at Jumpers Taupo we supply some of the most beautiful knitwear you will find in New Zealand and that is thanks to the amazing companies that source, knit and supply us. So we thought we should introduce them all and by the way - they are ALL New Zealand companies. So when people say "Shop Local" we are the epitome of that.

Optimum, Royal Merino and Royal Alpaca.

Optimum is the intersection of colour, artistry and knitwear every day, our family of inspired, talented and hard working people turn the worlds finest natural fibres into garments that are full of personality, ensuring your experience with us is a memorable one.

Founded by Tim and Sue Fawcett in 1990, Optimum Knitwear is a New Zealand family owned company based in west Auckland. 

We are a small boutique manufacturer of fine gauge knitwear specialising in the use of natural fibres. Truly New Zealand made and New Zealand loved.  

Optimum knitwear has become known for its extensive colour palette, service and the quality of all of its collections.  The major benefits of local manufacture are the ability to react quickly to the ever-changing market demand and an unwavering eye for quality control.

Optimum knitwear is also the manufacturer of the Royal Merino and Royal Alpaca collections. These collections along with Optimum are sold in New Zealand, Australia, America, Germany and France.


Lothlorian Knitwear has grown to be one of New Zealand's leading producers of luxury New Zealand made knitwear and accessories. From very humble beginnings back in 1991 in an implement shed on the farm of the company's founders. The business has continued to transform and now combines world leading knitting technologies and processes with specialised yarn to produce a range of luxurious knitwear.

All our Lothlorian yarn is spun here in New Zealand. Our spinners business was opened 1943 on the banks of the Hutt River near Wellington, New Zealand's capital city. Over the years the business has flourished with unlimited access to the cleanest, highest quality wool in the world, grown in the green and natural river plains and highland pastures, which are unique to New Zealand.

Lothlorian Knitwear Limited is based in Pukekohe approximately 40 kilometres south of Auckland, New Zealand's largest city. All of the products in our range are produced on our own premises. We utilise the latest knitting technologies from around the world to create accessories and garments ensuring our knitwear is not only extremely good value but also of a consistently high quality.



Knitwear is the heritage, life and passion of Snowy Peak Limited, parent company of Merinomink™ fine merino and luxurious possum fur. Snowy Peak Limited is deeply engaged with ecological, social and ethical sustainability issues. We research and consider the overall influence of all our activities on the planet’s flora, fauna and also its people. We have won many awards for our ethical business practices. The use of Brushtail Possum fibre in New Zealand benefits our environment by contributing to a reduction in the use of broadcast poisons; and to the effort to protect our native forest and birds.

McDonald New Zealand

From our land to your hands.  On 2,800 hectares of family farmland in New Zealand’s South Island lies one of the country’s most remotely beautiful spots, renowned for its picturesque rolling hills, rugged merino-rearing hill country, and vine-clad river plains. This magical place is woven into the McDonald story- one of inimitable quality, and love for the land. When you take a McDonald piece home, you are taking home a piece of New Zealand- authentic and made with care and heart.  Made with only the finest natural fibres, a McDonald garment captures the essence of luxury New Zealand to gift yourself or a loved one.

We stand for uncompromising quality. The finest materials are carefully sourced from the fields of New Zealand - merino wool and possum fur - and combined with Mulberry silk to yield an exclusive yarn that’s lighter, stronger, warmer and more luxurious than merino or cashmere alone.

Then, through the most exacting of processes and the utmost attention to detail, we transform this yarn into fashion. However, we don’t cater to the whims of fashion: rather, we make exquisite, enduring and elegant garments that surpass fashion trends and stand the test of time.

We also stand for sustainability. We use possum merino, not only because it’s incredibly warm and gloriously soft, but also because the possum is an introduced pest that destroys New Zealand’s native forests and rare birdlife.

 Our Team. The greater McDonald team works at our purpose-built factory in Auckland. Our expert craftspeople are the best in their field, combining years of experience with a fierce passion for their craft.


Native World

Native World is as unique as the country it is inspired by, and the natural beauty that is New Zealand. 

Nature’s colours are exquisite in New Zealand. Our Native World collection is inspired by the natural beauty of our ancient forests, vast coastlines, flourishing wildlife, tranquil lakes, wandering rivers and breath-taking mountains.

  • The greens are reminiscent of the ponga (Tree Fern), the Kea (native mountain parrot) and the wild landscape.
  • The blues are a reflection of our beautiful lakes, wild seas, deep sounds and harbours.
  • The browns are inspired by our national bird the Kiwi and the ubiquitous flax flower that is loved by the Tui.

Our natural colours reflect the beauty of toi toi (large native grass) and our endless sandy beaches.


Noble Wilde

The elegant men and women that wear Noble Wilde demand perfectly crafted garments of comfort and enduring quality.

Noble Wilde style is effortlessly understated. This quiet confidence is the hallmark of many years refining our clothing until it represents the epitome of sophistication. Our promise is luxury without compromise. We do not compromise on the quality of our materials, our craftsmanship, or our ethics. We do not expect you to compromise on comfort, fit, elegance or durability. 

Our garments are heirlooms, as beautiful and timeless as they are desirable. The subtle Noble Wilde colour palette is inspired by the natural beauty of the New Zealand landscape, the hues of sea, sky and stone. Over everything falls our golden southern light, the sun of our long summer evenings. Noble Wilde garments are not for everyone. They are for those people who, like you, appreciate the best our world has to offer.

For over three decades Noble Wilde has perfected the blending of two of the most exceptional natural fibres in the world, the dense silken wool of Merino, and the luxuriant fur of the possum. Exquisite in themselves, together these materials form a velvety soft yarn, unsurpassed in warmth and durability. Merino and possum have outstanding qualities, tactile, functional and ethical. We deliver luxury without compromise.


Otago Knitwear.

Xquisite and Silver Stream Brands.

Otago Knitwear has been built on successfully achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

Based in Dunedin, Otago Knitwear was established in 1999. Today, it employs 17 people, including a team of highly-skilled machinists, and knitwear technician’s who have the knowledge and experience to produce some of the finest knitted garments in the world.

Design and production. Every step of the manufacturing process taking place in Dunedin: from design and knitting, through to the cutting and sewing, and finally the packing and distribution of final products.

Otago Knitwear recognises the importance of continually updating its computerised knitting machinery and has some of the industry’s most technically-advanced machines on site. This is critical for ensuring knit and garment quality and meeting customer demand for more sophisticated designs.

Natural yarns. The company uses only the best quality raw materials – specifically fine merino wool, angora, New Zealand merino possum and lambs wool – but other yarns can also be sourced on request.