Level 3. Spring has sprung but we haven't been ... yet.

Level 3. Spring has sprung but we haven't been ... yet.

We do realise that things are tough right now for everyone in New Zealand and we are all just waiting to come out the other end of this but we can all be so proud that we are all doing well and the Team of 5 million are doing an exceptional job.

But in the meantime don't despair because we are still available for online sales. we can't open our doors but we are getting ready for our new season as stock has started to arrive. We can still do online sales and we are allowed to post to you. Plus if you are a Taupo Local we can, depending on your location, do a drop delivery for our customers. This will take a little more organisation ensuring that we abide by contactless delivery and phoning you to make sure you are there but anything is possible. All depending on the delivery vehicle.

So as I mentioned our new summer stock is arriving.  Jumpers Taupo are very proud to announce that we are now carrying the Optimum Knitwear range. Optimum has quite a following and we are so thrilled to have the line especially as the cottons that are coming out now are just gorgeous!  This is a whole new look and colours to make your mouth water - Watermelon, Papaya, Tahiti, Sand and Coral. Doesn't that just conjure images of white beaches sitting in the sun sipping a delicious drink with an umbrella in it? With these new tops we have you will look amazing doing it too. So do take a look on our website and order now to avoid disappointment.

This time isn't endless and we will come out of this soon. Jumpers Taupo wish you the very best and a special Thank you to all Aucklanders doing the much longer harder road.

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