Optimum Knitwear is now at Jumpers Taupo.

Jumpers Taupo are so proud to announce that we now carry Optimum Knitwear!  We have always carried the most amazing knitwear including Royal Merino, Royal Cotton, Merinomink, Noble Wilde, Lothlorian, Native World and some others but it is always nice to add something new and Optimum are a new look for Jumpers Taupo.

Optimum brings us new colours and designs with looks that are really on point and so much fun.

Spring is always one of those funny seasons here in Taupo with the sun shining and it looks amazing but then the wind blows and, well - we need to cover up just a little. Lets face it this applies most of the year here in Taupo but I digress.

Now who doesn't love this colour? it is bright and sunny and so perfect for summer and Optimum does it so well. This delightful little cap sleeve top is just so easy to wear and so comfortable too. Customers around New Zealand are very familiar with Optimum and its amazing range but for our overseas visitors this is something a little new. Made in 100% Combed cotton these are such perfect additions to your summer wardrobe and you will be cool and glamorous too.

Take this rather cool hoodie top - it is on point with fashion today but also easy wear that dresses up nicely too.  A day out on the boat in the sun and you need a little cover up? This hoodie meets the bill completely. Been invited to an afternoon lunch outside and don't know where the weather is going? Well take this along and you are set.

We also have cardigans to delight anyone. This Classic colour with button front will be ideal for someone wanting something more demure but wait....


There's more! This same cardigan is not just demure and subtle - it can also be bold and a statement piece. Look at this colour - Optimum nailed this one.


Optimum have also brought out a duster coat this season. What is a duster coat we hear you ask? Thank you for that question - Duster coats were originally canvas or linen coats worn by horseman to protect themselves from, well, dust. Rain, snow, mud and dust in fact. Split up the sides to allow the rider to sit comfortably in the saddle and protect his legs whilst out in the elements. Well delivery riders are not as common as they used to be - in fact we haven't seen one in Taupo for a couple of days now - but their favoured coat is now available for everyone.  Dusters look amazing on and provide that finish we all look for. Very flattering for any lady or horseman.

Now for something just a little different. This top is made with a slightly high low hem plus it has a V Neck which is something a little more unusual in women's wear but is has cute circle patterning down the sleeves. Now isn't that cute? We thought so too. But again - wait - there's more.

Optimum bring it in colour too

Every colour. What an absolute delight.

Now this little top has proven to be a winner. We are already having to reorder this one as it has sold so quickly. Who doesn't love a soft classic striped look and this one looks amazing with slacks and skirts.


Optimum also do casual so well, incredibly well. This casual 'jersey' is slightly reminiscent of a rugby jersey but with way more style. (Sorry All Blacks) An easy fit with a plain front but stripes on the back make this just so cute and we love this one.

Now this 'one' is actually 'two'. The skirt and the top are both from Optimum and what a look. This works so well together and is so multi use, you can wear this to work and then straight out to dinner afterwards and you will feel superb where ever you go. Yes the skirt is cotton, in fact the skirt and the top are both Egyptian Cotton.

Jumpers Taupo truly are so honoured to have this amazing range and we know many of you Kiwi ladies out there are big fans so now there is a central location to come and browse through the Optimum range. See you soon, just take a right at the big lake in the middle of the island and you can't miss us.